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written by: Ayushman Jamwal



Darkness, cold, an unforgiving wilderness,
Wraiths creep right behind winter's kiss,
A heart of demons and dominion over everything,
So reigns the Mad Wolf King.

Reapers circle his tribe,
Daggers whisper in the fleeting light,
For his throne, life is a meagre thing,
So reigns the Mad Wolf King.

The devout make merry and pray,
From the heart's respite, he walks away,
Unholy solitude, where Gods and Devils do the talking,
So reigns the Mad Wolf King.

His kingdom has turned to ash many times,
Yet his strength unencumbered by his many crimes,
No laments, just the fire of vengeful wings,
So reigns the Mad Wolf King.

Forging empires from the dark leaves no mysteries at all,
Death knocks at his door before entering his hall,
A soul untethered, too mighty for time's decaying sting,
His will be their virtue,

So reigns the Mad Wolf King.

Ayushman Jamwal

Ayushman Jamwal

Ayushman Jamwal is a 27-year-old journalist based in New Delhi. He is a Senior News Editor at CNN-News18. Ayushman is a graduate of the Cardiff School of Journalism, United Kingdom and started writing poetry when he was a student at the Doon School in Dehradun. He lives with his parents, younger brother, grandmother and dog Leo.
Ayushman Jamwal

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