The Madonna and Child, poetry by St JohnKay at

The Madonna and Child

The Madonna and Child

written by: St JohnKay


There was a Madonna and Child
when everything changed
and the sun closed its fist against them/ fists of vinegar
and the wind carried them away
to yonder land from whence
they might never return

This Madonna and Child
in a tent drowned in stench of cholera and diarrhea;
empty bellies, glaring ribs and hungry stares
with failing steps crowned with labour
that betray the smile they show
in the face of a camera

This was the Madonna and Child
of which none could compare;
others stood on pedestals of gold and silver
with an entourage of candle lights
and she?
In a tent plastered with dry remains.

Others had long ceased to care
but she would never forget
the memory of
the Child’s first cry

This Madonna never forgets
the pride of a mother
which she learnt from her momma/ while on native soil.
As she parts the dusty left-over hair she can find,
and plants a kiss on his weary head,
she wonders
When will this be next?
On momma’s soil?

so she hopes…

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