The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth written by Genie Nakano at

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

written by: Genie Nakano



In ancient times mermaids and mermen flourished. Back then porpoises and humans mated and the hybrid was a mermaid.

Hard to believe… but I know …I am a mermaid.

I’m an ordinary human being on land until I dive into the sea. Then my mermaid powers take over and I’m faster than a Mako shark.

Anything happens under the sea.  When you go really deep that is when everything happens.

in the depths
of the ocean where
sun never shines
sea creatures transform
their bodies into light

I prefer being underwater, but the ocean is so polluted that many of us mermaids and mermen have to live on land.  I did not want to go, leave my Neptune Palace but I was dying and I could not breathe.  Some of us are very allergic to the things that float down to the bottom of the sea. So we have to migrate.  We choose remote places like small-uninhabited islands.

Morning news
whales belly filled with Styrofoam
my friends dying
in an ocean
filled with tears

Mermaids and mermen who migrate have certain similar characteristics.  Our eyes have that common porpoise shape…like we’re smiling all the time.  Contrary to popular folklore, we do not have scaly skin. Our skin is porpoise smooth. Some of us are coal black, some brownish some pinkish. Our hair matches the color range of our skin.  We are all robust and fairly tall…taking after the Bottle-Nosed porpoise. Our skeletons are completely human like. However, our senses and internal organs differ immensely. We are incredibly sensitive and our senses are a hundred times more powerful than humans. We can hear, smell and feel things humans cannot fathom. We live thousands of years longer than human beings.  Time has offered us wisdom.

And it is only of matter time when due to global warming the oceans shall rise and soon water will cover the whole earth.  It won’t be long. Glaciers are melting faster everyday. Then we will return to the sea and we shall swim in peace again.

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