THE MINOR KEYS, a poem written by TM DiSarro at
Azamat Zhanisov



written by: TM DiSarro



The minor keys just speak to me
Of someone that I used to be
They hide inside my consciousness
A past mistake I must confess
The music plays and always slays
The somber days and yellow rays
Of sunshine falling into rain
Grey skies brushed against the grain
Of certain tides that flow and ebb
Like singing birds and spider webs
Catching breath with slanted songs
Listening like we belong
Between these notes still haunting me
These twisted sounds that swallow me
In minor chords with fractured words
Splitting all my time in thirds
The first to fly the next to fall
And then at last behind a wall
Of prose and tempo keeping beat
With every lover that I meet
Like minor keys that set me free
And take me where I need to be
Far away from days gone by
Keeping down low on the fly
Soothe my soul with healing tones
Make me feel so not alone

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