The Moment Our Souls Entwined, poetry by Stephen Ferrett at

The Moment Our Souls Entwined

The Moment Our Souls Entwined

written by: Stephen Ferrett


Two souls, one human, one canine, embraced
A moment of shared admiration, love and trust
Once wary, timid and unsure, we took our time and grew
A sniff, a stroke at first, then a cuddle and now this moment

Head-to-head, eye to eye, bodies relaxed, we stare into each other’s souls, nothing exists but us, captured in a moment.
A bond of never-ending faithfulness, adoration, respect and love.
Both hearts swelling with mutual feeling and emerging love.

My master’s words capture our interwoven feelings, the moment, of our bonding.
The collective memory of our moment, the moment our souls entwined.

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