The Nature of Jazz, poetry written by Joni Caggiano at

The Nature of Jazz

The Nature of Jazz

written by: Joni Caggiano



Besieging me with her exquisiteness was the sea.
Palm trees rustle, rejoicing in a seamless tune.
Anegada sends echoes from an aging graveyard
of polished conch shells gleaming rosy pink.
Caribbean an indigo blue, crafting elusive ripples
in unison as gliding pink flamingos shriek gently.
Raspy clicks of the green heron in harmonic sync
supplies jazzy brass while mermaid children play.
Humming along with skillfully tapping shells,
their castanets enriching rhythmic vibrations.
Notes drift ethereally in salty air to island paramours.
In secret coves, they seek that union, which is forbidden.
Abruptly the melody is repeated then slowly fades.
A palette of scarlet, cerise, yellow, and carrot colors
spread their luster through the infinite horizon.
Disappearing is a drowsy sun as feet halt their cavorting,
oblivious to the enchantment mother nature conducted.

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