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The Navy Boy at Sea

The Navy Boy At Sea

written by: Elaine W. Degro



And I am the one who gave up everything just to be…
The girl who fell in love with The Navy Boy At Sea.
I rescinded the factorial truth that many days I would awake without you.
And at many times I would have to rely on my own livable truths.

I turned my back on a world that had turned it’s back on me…
And I took a risk with you to be…
I said goodbye to my parents and moved half a country away…
To live in a strange, rainy, dreary, place.

And I had to make friends with the Eagles and Owls out my window.
Learn to watch you dress and learn to let you go.
I gave in the opportunity to understand and to live with ease…
To live the dream that one day we’d hug and kiss amidst the tropic breeze.

I packed my memories one hundred times…
Put on my shoes and turn to everyone and said goodbye.
I carried your tags close to my heart…
Because it was the only thing that kept us close when you would depart.

Calendars became my best friends and my enemy was time.
Letters traveled far across seas just to say “I miss you, love of mine.”
I created homes for us for when you come from being away.
Made it a place where you could temporarily stay.

I’ve given up many things for you…
But baby you gave up your world to do what you do.
And I am the one who gave up everything just to be…
A Navy Wife…The strength, heart, love, of The Navy Boy At Sea.

Elaine W. Degro

Elaine W. Degro

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