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Kira Fulks

The Night Before Doom’s Day

The Night Before Doom’s Day

written by: Kira Fulks



It was the night before Doom’s Day
and all was quiet and still —
not a soul was in sight
all were in ‘for-the-chill’.

The world was on lock-down
there was no one outside —
save for some fools
who could not be confined.

The streets were empty
with a thick sense of doom
and panic was pumping
as toxic as fumes.

And fear was fast spreading
black like the plague —
with nowhere to go
no place to escape.

For they scrambled and scampered
on a rock in mid space —
like ants on a hill top
who were laced with cold mace.

Troubled they wondered
what could have caused
the havoc and blows —
so they stopped and they paused.

Did this plague begun
from the webs we have spun?
From our lack of compassion
and the bad that was done?

If we change our ways
if we care if we love
will God hear our prayers
will He save our doves?

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