The Other Half Unleashed by Geovanni Villafañe at

The Other Half Unleashed

The Other Half Unleashed

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



You May Have The Other Half,
I Can’t Seem To Ever Control.
Every Effort Made Consistently Fails
And I’m Forced Back To The Drawing Board.

There’s No Quarreling With A Menace,
When Mayhem Is Its Way Of Being Bold.
The Punishments Never Suffice
With A Quick Whip And Crack Of A Cord.

Getting Even Madder Than The Mad Hatter.
A Laugh That Causes Lumps In Others Throats.
Gaining A Squeamishness Drawn Out
By The Horrors Galore Of What Some
Mistakenly Take For Only Folklore.

Unfamiliar With Life Once Lived In Homes
By Candlelit Stories, Told So Long Ago.
Take Heed That Sometimes The Scary Themes
Carry On To Be Truths Of Centuries Old.

Frightening As It May Be,
It Doesn’t Rise Above
The Chill Bored Into The Bones.
A Heart’s Fluttering Is Not Always One
Of Pictured Happiness When Lost
Out In The Forest Freezing Cold.

With Thunderous Clouds Across The Skies.
You’re Caught Under A Moonlit Storm.
Under The Cursed Lunar Light,
My Other Half Is Once Again Reborn.

A Light That Energizes More
Than One’s Carnal Nightmarish Growl.
Ravenous Cells In Action, Bursting Out
Of One’s Skin With A Tremendous Howl!

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