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The Pains I Feel

written by: NNANE NTUBE



It hurts, it hurts
Not just your words,
Those Spittles you selfishly pour on me
Those dirty holey blankets
You use in covering my sweet guitar shape
That heavy axe you use in splitting me like a wood
That rough stone you throw on me
That stinking water you pour on me
It itches, it irritates, it hurts

It hurts, it hurts
Not just your hand,
That heavy thorny stick you use on me
That axe you use in frightening me
That knife you use in chopping me like an onion
That pestle you use in pounding me
That file you use in sharpening and reshaping me
Like a correction fluid, your white slap covers my beautiful face
It breaks, it destroys, it hurts

It hurts, it hurts
Not just your legs,
Those needles you use in sewing me
Those scissors you use in cutting me
That screw-driver you deeply put in me
That hammer you use in nailing me
That crochet hook you use in pinning me down
That scythe you use in cutting me
It reduces, it hurts, it hurts

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube hails from Cameroon. She is a teacher of English and French Languages. She holds a B.A in English Language and a B.A in Bilingual Studies obtained from the University of Yaounde 1. Nnane also has a diploma in Bilingual letters (English and French) obtained from the Higher Teacher's Training College, Yaounde. She is a youth envoy for peace and democracy. Her poems have featured in many online magazines, journals and international anthologies. Nnane believes in using poetry to advocate for change.
Nnane Ntube

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