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The Passion Within Your Kiss

The Passion Within Your Kiss

written by: Reganhia



The Passion within your kiss has me wanting;
Wanting a future I cannot yet see.
Wanting to throw myself at the mercy of your kiss.
Wanting to make a better me. For you.
Wanting me to slay all my dragons and maybe yours too.
Wanting me to proclaim to the world he is it. I am him. He is me.
Wanting me to show a deeper of me, the world has never known or seen. The “me” in me.

The passion of your kiss has me wanting to paint the skies.
A fluorescent purple that fades into the dark of the night.
I want to be alone yet I want to roll over into you.
I want to share my space and say “Hey take my love too”.
Wanting to be the woman that conquers the world.

The light in your eyes. The reward in your darkness.
The solace you seek after a long day.
The holder of the tears and heartbreak the world doesn’t even see.
The angel you reach for in any given moment.
So say no words but just kiss me.
Let your kisses melt my heart and passion envelope us.
Let me be transported by the passion of your kiss.

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