The Place Not To Be by Aaron McMillan at

The Place Not To Be

The Place Not To Be

written by: Aaron McMillan



Dragged out from comfort into this hell,
I was happy where I had been,

Chaos and violence is what greeted me,
Was this what the long wait was for?

One dark haired and one blonde,
These were my brothers, they were meant to protect me,

Never did I expect such animosity
Beatings were as regular as blinking,

Always did my mother turn a blind eye,
No way of protecting when she had three,

I grew up quick, learnt to be quiet,
Learnt when they would come for me,

I prayed for someone to come and take this misery away,
I was answered, when my sister was born,

For now she would endure their aggression,
Was this selfish of me?

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