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The Prison

written by: Saad_S


This, my perdition holds fast on my beating heart,
As fiery adamantine chains of an unbreakable framework,
Holds steadfast my essence as the doleful hate,
A hideous expiration to an obdurate pride, a Titan.
Cast down to a bottomless affliction,
flummoxed in the quintessence penal fire,
The cloaked obscurity whereof smothers all the light,
And every artery hindered by a novel encumbrance.
Flames spew but only darkness visible,
In such a dark; my prison ordained.



An amatuer writer trying to establish himself as free verse poet. Displaying depression and human desperation along with the sins they commit especially pride. For now I am only writing short free verses but my goal is to someday pen lengthy poetry and prose. I hope to get at least one book published in time.

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