The Reaper's Call, written by Laura Hughes at

The Reaper’s Call

The Reaper’s Call

written by: Laura Hughes



I hear the reaper calling.
It’s a terrifying sound.
There is no use in stalling,
because his powers have no bound.

As I lie here listening,
all alone in my bed.
Sweat is just glistening.
Is this all in my head?

I’m not sure what to do.
Can I even put up a fight?
His call is some sort of woo.
Is there no end to his might?

There is nowhere to run to,
and nowhere for me to hide.
What can I possibly do
to escape this fear inside?

He seems to be getting near,
his call is just blaring.
There is no escape I fear,
I can feel his eyes glaring.

I hear the call of the reaper.
It can’t be anything less.
As I seem to sink deeper
into his nothingness.

He seems to be taking me,
I haven’t any clue where.
And as far as I can see,
he has me trapped in despair.

Can anyone save my soul
from this torturous ending?
Begging God to make me whole,
since time in Hell I’ll be spending.

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