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The Rending

written by: Sian Staley


I've denied my self,
traded black lace
for maternal cottons,
filled in my space
with children who cut
my speed at the knees,
outwit my grasp like
red spring roosters.

I've bartered my youth,
birthed it into a pair
of fledgling wildcats.
The loose pouch
of my belly punches
the counter as
I wash cups.

At night I study the walls,
listen to percussion
of some common cricket
among carpet fibers.
His brown song
fuels my urgency.

in a restless desert
a lone septic lizard
guards a piece of Triassic rock
waiting to be found.

Sian Staley

Sian Staley

A night owl in a world of early risers, I feel most energized while the East Coast sleeps. I do midnight housework to heavy metal music and satisfy my 3 a.m. cravings with Spaghetti-O’s and Diet Coke while I watch the cryptocurrency markets and the deer and raccoons in the back yard. I have published poems in small press/university press under a former name, and am about to launch a paranormal thriller. Thanks for wondering. Cheers.
Sian Staley

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