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The Road to Tomorrow

written by: Richard Grahn


Here, on the road to tomorrow,
footprints drift back
into the past.

As we turn to learn
where we’ve come to be,
we can see the leaves have changed.


But nothing changes how I feel.
I stand in awe of you.

I see you watching out for me.
There’s so much I must do for you.

The truth is that I love you more
with every passing day.


On this journey of
so many steps
we’ve wandered through our dreams.
It seems to me
we've plucked them easy
from those meadows by the sea.

But then there were the mountains,
the rivers and the streams,
the thunder and the raindrops,
the times we took to cry and
the times we picked ourselves back up
to give it one more try.


Now I look into your eyes,
the sunlight shining down.
Windows in the wall,
calling out to memories,
of things we’ve seen
and still believe.

A crescent glow
shapes the sky,
another night,
the pale moonlight
bringing us


The weather vane
is standing still
though storms may gather in the hills.
Another trial we’ll surely face.
That other place we’ve never been
lies waiting.


Please remember
that it’s what we need,
to live this life
complete with dreams.

Beyond the meadows by the sea,
past the boulders in the road,
we’re seeking stories still untold,
mysteries yet to unfold.

Richard Grahn

Richard Grahn

Richard Grahn is an American poet/artist born in Wisconsin in 1959, currently living in Evanston, Ilinois. He has traveled extensively and has been writing and creating art for over 30 years. He started writing short-form and prose poetry in earnest in 2016 as an outlet for coping with illness. He has since had a modicum of success appearing in such publications such as Atlas Poetica, Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online and others.
Richard Grahn

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