The Rocky Road to Beauty, poetry by Leah Chrestien at

The Rocky Road to Beauty

The Rocky Road to Beauty

written by: Leah Chrestien


I weaved a wreath of wild spring flowers,
to crown my waist length rippling black hair,
I unraveled each carefully plaited pinned lock,
letting my dark hair loosely fall without a care.
Beneath the boughs of a blooming cherry tree,
I captured still moments of the pink falling rain;
placing the sweet floral wreath upon my head,
I was pictured in wide smiles I could not feign!

They said I was too plain for the common eye,
my hair strands were straying all over the place;
one nail seemed broken, blunt and unpolished,
I should have smeared more colors on my face.
The patterns on my dress were ostentatious,
perhaps, I should have worn a more elegant style,
the flowers pinned on my hair were pretentious,
I should part my lips a little more when I smile.

I was convinced, my face needed improvements,
with great finesse, I painted on top of scar lines,
dabbing my bronzed cheeks in a soft roseate hue,
I bedecked my body in silken robes of fine design.
And then at last, I made my appearance in public;
an unwilling participant in a fake, pompous show;
now they say, because I am tinted in false colors,
I look unremarkable having lost my natural glow.

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