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The Sands

written by: Julia R. DeStefano



My dearest Emily,
tucked away in your room from life’s pestilence -
how I’ve become something like you in this chapter
as I count the days of solitude
in tandem with each grain of falling sand
both never to return!
Bone-weary but not broken -
determined am I to squeeze what I can
out of saber-toothed hours
that try to destroy me even in sleep.
But oh, does it always come back to the pen -
words to fill me with new life -
headstrong desire
to write powerful enough to burn blocks!
I can taste the fireworks,
primed and ready
in their yearning to explode overhead -
glorious victory to burn, burn, burn
through the black of this dismal night!
To decimate the doom and gloom of thought!
And oh Emily, would this Red Queen be glad -
she who hungers -
to feel him come again!
Footfalls to her window
because he can’t deny
the fire she lights inside him
for a second longer!

Julia R. DeStefano

Julia R. DeStefano

Julia R. DeStefano hails from Boston, Massachusetts. A diarist her entire life, it was a string of failed relationships and consecutively lost joys that would result in her creation of therapeutic free verse. Unable to vocalize her truth to those around her - Julia would bring her innermost thoughts and desires to light the only way she knew how: through the written word. 'Leave Everything,' her first poetry and photography collection, was published in August 2016 and reached #11 in Poetry by Women at Amazon. Full of wit, revelation, and vulnerability, Julia’s writing teeters on the razor’s edge of reason and passion. It unapologetically challenges perceptions. At present, Julia is writing the follow-up to 'Leave Everything' - forever capturing moments and preserving them in the glistening amber of language. Look for this Red Queen atop her throne of books.
Julia R. DeStefano

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