The Santa Fuzz, poetry by Mike Casper at
Hansuan Fabregas

The Santa Fuzz

The Santa Fuzz

written by: Mike Casper


It was peculiar; Santa was
There at the mirror, trimming fuzz;
“I have to look just right, you know,”
He said, “no stray hairs in this show!”

I asked, “Isn’t the wild beard style
The way folks like you, with your smile?”
He paused; “You know, you have a point –
‘Wild hairs’ is the theme of this joint!”

He proceeded to show me all
The goings in each room and hall,
A flurry of activity
And smiling productivity

“Look at all of the crazy toys!
Elves innovating; hear that noise?”
Santa then put his clippers down;
“My son, you have saved Santatown!”

The moral of this story goes:
Let your hair flow how e’er it grows;
And when you see the Bearded Man,
Tell him you’re a wild whisker fan

Today the elves have long beards, too –
Except the lady elves, mind you;
Their joy in toymaking is real,
Thanks to Santa’s wild whisker zeal

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