The Shadow Of Longing, poetry by Umid Najjari at

The Shadow Of Longing

The Shadow of Longing

written by: Umid Najjari (Ümid Nəccari)



The shadow of longing enters us, when we don’t wait
The cloud of loneliness crosses overhead
The months pass …
Our years miss the spring
Our prayers lose God
… The light of our dream-built house faints
In one moment we are turned to night
Lonely alley in one moment …!
… Loneliness is not a movie for watching,
The Captain of a sunken ship knows the loneliness,
No actor knows crying.
Sometimes laughing is the last breath of crying
For that
I laugh for you leaving when I look at your photo.
… Ask the standing wall my fatigue
Ask my longing watch …!
.. Miss instead of me,
Miss the feet-seized trees,
Miss the wingless birds like me,
Miss the loneliness,
Miss …!

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