The Shadows Are Still There, poetry by Ash Douglas at

The Shadows Are Still There

The Shadows Are Still There

written by: Ash Douglas



I stood there high and saw the sorrow from loss below
my heart did nothing
tomorrows came with tears all around but still nothing
why did you get to take the both of us away
from a life of no regret
you controlled everything
now you are nothing
not even a thing anymore
you should have been made to be someone who lives with it too
but instead got to leave with half of the secrets
I bare the weight of two
heavy with memories of darkness
pained by unheard screams of listen to me
I’m grieving not death
no, I am grieving the loss chances
to face hurt with words
stab hard with scars shown with no shame
be the trial seeking reason and forgiveness
only I forever will walk the green mile alone
and life as I know it throws your sentence away forever

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