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The Spider's Kiss

written by: Art Blacktooth


Today my joy is contained. It is trapped inside of a thick, heavy glass – like that of an ant sealed within hard amber. This is a tomb for my laughter, a last wink before dying. Wake me from this nightmare. I plead the heavens for an answer, but only the cold hands of silence are fixed to caress my soul.

I must remain still, an isolated tremor of beauty trapped within a final moment, a dislocated memory stolen from God’s primary data. My spine tingles with particles of rapture. Atoms of panic have been established, they ricochet within my dormant nerves. I listen to my wild pulse as it hammers, the ebb and flow of disorder coursing through the hollow chambers of my heart.

As darkness swallows me within the folds of her cool silk, I plead once more for tender mercy. Please Help Me, Lord… but it is useless. My mind can no longer make demands, my lips can no longer move. I am paralyzed, my screams are like wilted cotton.

It is time now. Judgment has kissed my neck. I am ready for consumption. Soon I will swim into the flames of destiny – one last blessing from those secret little eyes, those surgical orbs set to devour the sweetness of my love. Oh this naked bride, she is but an engineer for perfect nature, an officer with no regard for terror. She is my temptress, my fatal sweetheart, and I am but a small fragment of her greater lust and hunger. I am ready my love, and I am quite still now…



There is a certain charm and mystique about spiders that is unequivocal by Mother Nature's standards. While they are often quite deadly in their bite, arachnids are also some of nature's most compelling engineers. Study any unique web structure or simply observe their natural camouflage and you will certainly come to appreciate this finite critter. However, there is also a much darker and more disturbing side to their peculiar existence – that of their mysterious tendencies toward cannibalism. The Spider's Kiss is a clever wink at the arachnid and its dirty little secret. Eat your heart out Adam and Eve...

Art Blacktooth

Art Blacktooth

Art Blacktooth is a creative surgeon. He dabbles in literature, photography and illustration and lives in sunny Florida. His goals are to blend his unique flavor of poetry with abstract visuals, to share and inspire new ways for expressing prose...
Art Blacktooth

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