The Station Manager, a poem by Ron Rowland at
Edward Hopper (Gas)

The Station Manager

The Station Manager

written by: Ron Rowland



This being human is harder than it seems
It didn’t turn out like it did in my dreams
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a sad song
I’ve got love in my life that keeps me strong

Oh, I may gripe about this and that
But even for strangers I’ll tip my hat
I wouldn’t trade it for the world
In fact, my life has barely unfurled

Yes, I’m here tonight working late
I’m dressed to the nines, I have a date
My beautiful bride will be here soon
The diner awaits us this warm night in June

The lonely town road at dusk is empty
Its solitude seems to taunt and tempt me
The setting sun barely hitting the trees
Branches quiver in the evening breeze

Pump lights glow on my hands as they toil
As I pass the time rearranging cans of oil
Turn off the pumps and close up the store
Pegasus light goes off and I lock the door

I hear her approaching, yep right on time
Smiling as she sees me, oh how sublime
My lady arrives and my heart skips a beat
Without her my life would be incomplete

I take it all back, what I said at the start
This being human is entrenched in my heart
To extend my time here I’ll go the extra mile
The love of my woman makes it all worthwhile

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