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The Stranger

written by: Patricia Elliot


I can dream
Of a man who will
hold my heart
In the way it was
Meant to be held
Real and true

I can dream
Of a love so great
That sweeps me
Off my feet
With stars twinkling
in my eyes

I can dream
That you really cared
And didn't walk away
That you loved me more
Than a stranger
But tis not
Meant to be

I can dream
Of a time
I will be fine
Of a time
When the tears will stop
But as of today
They are a never-ending river

Patricia Elliott

Patricia Elliott

Patricia Elliott lives in Beautiful British Columbia with her husband of 21 years and their three children. Now that their lovely kids are all teenagers, she has decided to actively pursue her passion for the written word.
When she was a youngster, she spent the majority of her time writing fanfiction and poetry to avoid the harsh reality of bullying. Writing allowed her to escape into another world, even if temporarily; a world in which she could be anyone or anything, even a mermaid.
Dreams really can come true. If you believe it, you can achieve it!
Patricia Elliott

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