The Street, poetry by Ugwu Leonard Elvis at

The Street

The Street

written by: Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.


A river where winds walk,
Home of quiet noise of which clothed strippers hawk,
Young illicit girls bred by their own eyes,
In the street where life is a bed of endless lies.

After his only bread for today has been snatched,
Frivolous and radical life dispatched,
As message to an innocent child,
Who’s yet to know if life falls on his side.

Men who like to puff
And hustlers who risk their blood,
Lazy rascals and unwanted guests smelling rough,
Street is a brutish and poor home where hoodlums flood.

Like the sea escaping heavens to quench the fire of hell,

Street is not a home and not a good story to tell.

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