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The Suffragettes

The Suffragettes

written by: Hayley Burwood



In 1897 only men could vote this caused a stir
Angry women didn’t like it for sure
they set up a suffragist and then campaigned
they tried to get support from parliament but not gained

a group of ladies who fought for women’s vote
they went to the extreme to keep them afloat
like violence bombing and more with no regrets
these women were named as the suffragettes

women and public demonstrations weren’t allowed
but Emmeline Pankhurst didn’t agree and formed a big crowd
a thirty year quest of women’s suffrage needed to be heard
they got public opinions through deeds not words

there’s no voting for the disabled the poor and insane
women from all classes of life did a campaign
so the women took to London by storm
lots of women used violence to sound their horn

personal sacrifices were made so women can be voted through
all to change women’s lives and democracy too
a thousand women went to Holloway
a prison but this didn’t stop them in any way

they demanded a political status in prison but didn’t go well
hunger strikes happened and they were force-fed as well
whilst tied to a chair their hands were too
they were fed through a long tube

the government together discussed there and then
about women to vote but it got turned down again
so they smashed up shops and vandalized things
petrol bombing MPs homes and more they could bring

the beginning of World War I the men went to war
the women did the men’s jobs and lots more
in 1918 the rules changed for the better
only women over thirty could vote together

in 1928 women could vote whoever they are
they were strong and ambitious by far
thanks to the suffragettes women are free
women are to be equal citizens in this society

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