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The Trip And Fall On Their Lives

written by: Eddie Awusi


Old age
belongs to those
who forgot etiquette
at their mother's dinner table.
Not everyone cries, when aged people die.
The sky cheers them on with a brilliant shine.
Who learns to love and be deferential
when time chimes 5 at mid-life.
I made my first gesture at life hackneyed.
Didn't give a damn whether love was a native;
a half ego fiend or a 5 star rated beauty.
Not everyone wants to walk queer
with a rheumatoid waist, arthritis feet,
licking off on fetish silver coins,
as my neighbor's grannies,
when all the brain cells have withered.
People who had prodigious ruse
with youthfulness,
who pray to a totem,
to make their days
longer than 3rd mainland bridge,
Sometimes get a second chance
to cross their 'T's and dot their 'I's.
But the brave and the careless:
they gamble with their lives.
In the hardline battlefield, at poker tables,
in botched rescue attempts, in plane crashes,
they trip and fall on their lives,
like dried out rags from a clothesline,
Breaking continuum.
Old man dies, young man dies.

Eddie Awusi

Eddie Awusi

A degree holder in English literature, Eddie Awusi is a Nigerian writer of Isoko extraction. He has been published in numerous poetry magazines and anthologies. He lives in Benin city, Edo state, where he is a small business owner.
Eddie Awusi

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