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The Velvet Rose

The Velvet Rose

written by: LadyLily



Known as ‘The Velvet Rose’,
once existed, origin unknown.
She speaks mysteries unresolved,
her lovely accents almost suffocate.

The glory of its intimacy
sinks our private hearts.
Petalled centre of perfection,
how she quivers and spills dusty gold.

Drifts in wood-nurtured dreams
where Larks sing an alluring symphony.
Honouring the season with blushes,
speaking fluently in language of flowers.

My Valentine! I offer devotion and grace.
I will pursue this majestic bloom,
a breathtaking Monet moment.
A stillness answers our prayers.

Nature responds beautifully…
witnessing our lust, expanding,
as it fills with coloured fullness
twelve Red Velvets…weaved  in posies.

A necklace I give, of amber studs
and sweet pea buds. We sip…
from a musk Camellia, flushed with wine.
No mists of tears my Valentine.

Rouge rosettes breathed scent
enters our being. Under willow’s shade
I offer thee…My circle of gold!…
as whispers of our future unfold.

Let us stroll golden years
within the glorious womb of Heaven.
Mine love for thee frozen in time,
encased in February’s Snow Moon.*


 * Friday February 10th 2017 brought a Full Snow Moon (original Native American name), a penumbra Lunar eclipse and a Comet passing close by.

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