The Village Hall, a poem written by Caroline Gauld at

The Village Hall

The Village Hall

written by: Caroline Gauld


Dramas, occasions and family functions
Courtesy of Village Hall Productions

Girl guides, Brownies and Cubs
Volley ball and Youth Clubs
WRI, bring and buy
Whist and Beetle drives
Dookin for apples, drawing raffles
Banners, bunting and balloons

Tea urns and trestle tables
Sandwiches curling, dancers burling
Ceilidh bands, one night stands
Dreams, wishes, stolen kisses
Fisty cuff and first loves
Glitter ball, village Hall

Swaddled, skipping, swaggering,
Embracing and carried aloft

Precious babies on christening days
Infant children in school plays

Teenagers drinking beer with mates
Newly weds cutting cake
Dearly departed, funeral wake

Life goes full circle in no time at all
Great times had by all
Close the curtains, take a bow
And pay homage to The Village Hall

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