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The Voice of the Crying One Resonates

written by: John Pitman Gibson



The voice of the Crying one resonates.
Like torment of hell and agony of hates,
effete victim faces violent ravish.
Not even the tenderness of the kind can cease her anguish.

Fear dances in the mind.
Depression foams the body like strong wine.
Guilt, embarrassment, and shame are reasons to be shy.
Emotional numbness is a cause to be sad.

Disassociated because of stigma,
Poor victim suffers from trauma.
The sky is the only place to look.
Having life is the only reason to have hope.

As the voice of the Crying one resonates,
the law thirsts for the perpetrator of rape.
Though Justice is a reason to step out of stress,
Life and wellness are best reasons to cheer.

John Pitman Gibson

John Pitman Gibson

I'm John P. Gibson and I am also known as John Dalton II Gibson. My Pen name is Dalton Gibs. I was born on October 2, 2000 in Abijan, Cote 'd Voire. I'm an electrical engineering student at the William VS Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County. I'm a Liberian National and I originate from River Gee County. I currently live in Harper, Maryland County. I love the sciences but I also idolize the arts greatly, because I believe that through arts sciences are communicated. I also believe in hard work to be successful.
John Pitman Gibson

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