The Waiting Days, poetry written by Orlando Blake at

The Waiting Days

The Waiting Days

written by: Orlando Blake


Grounds were inundated
With chirpy flowers,
Some were too small
To move a soccer ball,
Others made the curve
Dribbling pass everyone,
Twilight had a majestic view
Seeing the kids play all around,
Fading in the darkness
Leaving the dust,
Ambling on the way
Frivolous talks in grey,
Fighting for a sport
Becoming friends at home,
We ran through the books
Together we chewed,
Gulping many toffees
Tasting the lime.

Never did a night witnessed
Crackers creeping through houses,
Without a festive season
Many gathered for a reason,
Fighting against the mighty
Seeking inspiration from a big brother,
Blood flowed like a river
With body rested in the streets,
Rendered a song of freedom
To fight against the beast of rulers,
Drawing the shaft of love
From the fences to awe,
Fighting against the west
To save the motherland,
The seventies made the roaring
Lions to rise as a nation,
Leaving many to shift
The fences with no reason.

Waiting for the confidantes
From childhood memories,
To be back from
The crystal vagaries,
Missing the halcyon days
To draft a new journey,
The longing exists deep
Along the veins and arteries,
Perennial flow
Left many smuts behind,
Carving the stones
To get the refulgence,
Missing the synergy
In the dusty ground,
The pain of separation
Still haunt in the grains,
Years can smile for long
Ready to wait for long.

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