The Way written by Leanne Howard Kenney at

The Way

The Way

written by: Leanne Howard Kenney



everything, you are not meant to see
but a path clearly, in actuality
to insure you keep injury free
Along which you are walking so carefully

your halos rise from a porch light
producing such an ambient light
stay glory white, stay straight
If they but follow those known as a prelate

not an emptiness but a void
their halos disappeared and destroyed
wander off in the darkness thee
Serve two masters, it cannot be

Elohim, if the desire is to return unto thee
there cannot be any wannabes, any hyperbole
the lighthouse, keep searching for its beacon
Never, never will the keeper let in weaken

the light kept alive and in sight,
like a child’s porch light,
as a living alder
There you always find safe harbor



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