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written by: Sunshine



I will break your heart,
Randomly stitch it together,
And still say I love you;

I will bruise you to near-death,
Reiterate, it makes us stronger,
And still say I love you;

I will drive you out of my house,
Call you all sorts of names,
And still say I love;

When it's all said and done,
I'll give you children and leave,
And prove I never loved you;

And if I get HIV I will return,
Re-confess my undying love,
And you'd still believe me.

Tebatjo Malaka

Tebatjo Malaka

I discovered my love for poetry in 2013, a year in which I took a gap year. For reasons beyond me, in that year, I found myself sitting down writing pieces of poetry on "love", which I would later delete as I thought to myself, "this is inane", "no one should read this", etc. This interest and colour, however, consumed me, that I finally started writing poetry when under the inspiration of it. I write part-time as opposed to full-time almost solely on the terrain of Love. I am from South Africa, 20-odd years old.
Tebatjo Malaka

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