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The Widow’s Son

The Widow’s Son

written by: John Chinaka Onyeche



He died trying to
Be a better father
To the son he had
Longed for years

To have as a man
And he could not
Live long to father
The child he had
Become a dad to

The child was born
On Sunday morning
In the thatch house
Eastward the city

Leaving the poor
Widow alone with
The son of their love
Living in fears of life

The son became a
Creative talker at
Noon and he rose
To fame at the eve

He remembered his
Father in the morning
And looked after the
Mother as the husband
Could have loved her

While life was still
With the old widow
The son married to
Her a pretty princess
And they lived happily

John Chinaka Onyeche Ajc

John Chinaka Onyeche Ajc

John Chinaka Onyeche "Rememberajc" (he/his) is a husband, father and a poet from Nigeria (author of Echoes Across The Atlantic and A Night Tale At The Threshold Of Howl). He writes from the city of Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria. He is currently a student of History and Diplomatic Studies at Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education Port Harcourt Rivers State. His notable works are found at: Spillwords, Melbourne culture corner, Nnoko Stories, TunaFishjournal, Brittle Paper, Nymphspublications, Youthmagazine, Acumenpoetryuk, Zindaily, pawnerspaper, Conceitmagazine, Mosi oa Tunya Literary Review, Rigorous, Opendoorpoetrymagazine, Feverofthemind Magazine, Poemifypublisher, Kalahari Review, Scars Publications and are coming up in Anthology, Zoetic Press, Ethelzine, Pangolin Review and many more others.
John Chinaka Onyeche Ajc

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