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The Windy City

written by: Debra Sasak Ross


I love the smell of the earth
After a fresh Spring rain on the oily rainbow asphalt.
I love the reflection of the city’s lights
As they dance off the shore of the lake.
I love the sound of the El train
As it thunders through this big, old city.
I love the displays at Christmas time
As we window shop down State Street.
I love the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights
While sleeping children dream,
But most of all
I love the pure white blankets of undriven snow
As they cover the windy city.

Debra Sasak Ross

Debra Sasak Ross

Debra Sasak Ross is a published poet from Chicago, Illinois. Besides reading, writing and listening to music, she loves thunderstorms, blizzards and gardening. Her work can be found in the anthologies, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze and Dandelion in a Vase of Roses. Her work can also be found online in The Poet Community, Inquisition Poetry, Nature Writing, Haiku Journal. And Best Poetry. She has also published her first book, “BELIEVE” in 2018. She now resides in Iowa.
Debra Sasak Ross

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