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The Woman

written by: Papia Ray


A wonder of wonders is the woman.
Great Nature's gift to mankind,
A blessing to the world she lives in,
A permanent presence in every breath of life.
She has been there since time immemorial,
Carving out success stories,
Reaching for the stars and claiming glory,
Fighting battles and making history.
She makes her voice heard on her hearth and outside
Against all deeds black and blue,
She succumbs to unholy whims
That rips apart her soul in two.
She burns, she drinks her pride and writhes in pain,
Her ego nose- diving a thousand million times.
Silent tears burn her spirit to ashes,
Churning and choking them into barbaric hues---;
But then, she rises and upwards she soars
Into the vast expanse of the blue sky
Like a phoenix, indestructible
In her very garb of victory.

Papia Ray

Papia Ray

I enjoy reading and writing. It is only recently that I have found that online reading and writing can also be equally interesting. I have self published a book, The Second Spring.
Papia Ray

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