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The World Doesn’t Wait

The World Doesn’t Wait

written by: Jacob Damstra



The world doesn’t wait.
Nor does it 
slow down
for you, now,
to catch up –
          don’t stop.

When you stop 
it does not;
it spins on,
piling on
the world’s weight –
          be strong.        

Things add up:
they’re all so much,
wear you thin,
seem to spin,
out of control –
          they’re not.

It gets faster
and then faster;
or so it feels,
but that’s not real.
You’ve slowed down –
          speed up.

And now it’s like
you’re stuck, right?
So you’re worried
that you’re buried:
Held down –
        rise up.

But you’re not.
You’ve just got:
to shake it,
to break it,
to move –
          so move.

All days.
You’re going –
          just go.

The Way:
one day,
one action,
one small step,
At a time –
          take it.

So keep up.
Don’t give up
on your best-
-self, or the rest
of the world –
          it doesn’t wait.

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