The World Was Amazed, a poem by E. S. Slater at
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The World Was Amazed

The World Was Amazed

written by: E. S. Slater


In the most desperate and difficult times, Oh Lord,
Of darkness, cold, hopelessness and pain,
A child was born, Oh Yes,
A beautiful child was born.

Into a fearful and angry world, Oh Lord,
Love overcame, love was made flesh.
His gentleness and trust, Oh Yes,
His warmth and hope.

The world was amazed, Oh Lord,
The world was amazed.
The world was amazed, Oh Yes,
The world was amazed.

A gift of love on Christmas day, Oh Lord,
We stand humble and gracious in the dark.

We are amazed, Oh Lord,
We are amazed.
We are amazed, Oh Yes,
We are Amazed.

The infant in his manger,
His love a beacon in the night.
We cannot know the where of his blessings,
We cannot but hope the why.
For the world is amazed, Oh Lord.
We are amazed.
The world is amazed, Oh Yes,
We are amazed.

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