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These Thoughts

These Thoughts

written by: Murecia



How do I separate these thoughts
These feelings
These passions!
Somehow someway they come to make themselves known
Each one by one
By themselves
Making their way to the front of my mind!

It’s actually quite fascinating
How all of these colors and thoughts and voices and games
Take place in head
Form puzzles with wooden pieces
Sometimes leaving splinters in their wake
All the fears and procrastination
All the time I wish I had

The wishes and hopes and dreams
No one can see inside
There’s no way I can see
No way to tell what words or thoughts might come spilling out

A smile on my face
A plot in my head
A story being thought
Anger flowing through my veins, always so calm

No direction on my path
Uncertainty in my choice
Untelling in my fortune
And only a whisper in my voice

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