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These Words Unfurled

written by: J C Thomas



However green the past might seem,
It matters not,
for the mind can dream.
A longed-for sense of time 
   and place.
     A soul un-fenced.
        A smiling face.
          A figure blurred
An untold word
   A rhyme not sang 
      A bell not rang.
The past IS a distant place.
                                                 Far from here; beyond all trace.
The glass is full.
The flowers come.
The white washing now all done.
The clouds have emptied.
The garden grows.
But the birds are yet to sing.
My body; subject to change and chance.
As the earth moves around the sun.
There’s time to tell another story.
Here and there.
Forever more.
A tale of Mars, the unborn brother.
Sibling to sisters, Venus and Earth.
The red dust settles
                                                 my mind.
Adrift in an ocean of chaos.
 Calm and serenity.
A figure emerges from the depths.
Tumbles and falls upon the steps.
         Many levels.
Many floors.
Hidden doors and corridors.
Mezzanines afloat on fire. 
Lace curtains held up with wire.
The light let in,
Makes shadows on the walls.
We see them now, but not before.
A bolted door.
   A hidden floor.       
      A trap door.
Under the Turkish rug.

 Indulgent words!
New connections.
Neurons fire.
Cells unite.
A liar.
In flames.
A drop of poison in the dust.
It clings like
It must.
Like flesh to bone.
A seed unsown.
   A mask on loan.
      A mobile phone on silent.
Unheard, my knife to slice the world wide open and hear the song out-spoken.
Gravity weighs on all of us.
 It bellows and it fears
For it does not know the way home.
You see the path.
It has been shown.
Adapt your tone, ascend the graph.
Humans on the move.
These words are now unfurled.

J C Thomas

J C Thomas

Jenny Thomas grew up on the edge of the Exmoor National Park in West Somerset, where the power of the elements shaped her imagination and formed her understanding of the importance of the natural world. Her debut novel, Awakening Worlds, is an ecology-themed fantasy epic about the destiny of life on Earth.

She explores elements of the 'real' alongside the spiritual, magical, and the psychological. She writes about the cosmos, ecology, nature, life, death and rebirth; its beauty, pain and the blurred lines between extremes.

Jenny graduated in English Literature from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, and spent her second year on an academic exchange to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

During her travels, Jenny led a creative writing and drama workshop as a volunteer teacher in Thailand and she has worked as a teaching assistant in an Aboriginal Community School in the Kimberley, Australia.
J C Thomas

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