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Thinking In Textures

written by: Monika Arbaciauskaite



I think in textures of the earth.
I think in lace, in velvet, in glass.
My thoughts are smooth, patterned, and transparent.
They come in shades of maroon and navy.
I think in clay; in the murkiness of water mixed with soil.
My thoughts are the combination of two of the most prominent things found in the natural world.
I think in rock.
My thoughts contribute to the mountains that reach the sky.

I think in textures of the universe.
In topographical defects in space.
I have the tendency to think in textures that are unstable to collapse.
Textures that shrink and radiate away all their energy.
My thoughts result in a gravitational field that moves surrounding matter.
My thoughts are out in space, relics of a cooling, expanding universe.

My thoughts are tangible additions to the world because I think in textures.

Monika Arbaciauskaite

Monika Arbaciauskaite

Monika is a chemical engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Connecticut, and has a love for words almost as much as numbers.
Monika Arbaciauskaite

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