This Is God's City written by Kyle Liang at

This Is God’s City

This is God’s City

written by: Kyle Liang



Cauterize what’s left of my wings.
Teach me how to walk again.

Bring me to the beach so I can feel
the sand beneath my feet

grievously spread under the weight
of my uncalloused skin—

thighs quiver, knees curl in, hands
desperately grab at nothing.

Shove my body into the ocean
so the salt can purge these feathered blessings

and the waves can send me back to shore
gripped by the stinging of human birth.

Not all of us were meant to fly
above the reach of city fires

flickering over kindled whispers
of mothers promising greatness.



This is a poem about understanding how privilege and opportunity can be used to combat human suffering.

Kyle Liang

Kyle Liang

Kyle Liang is an Asian-American poet, playwright, and blogger. Kyle’s work most recently appeared in Theories of HER last winter and his first play will debut at The Barrow Group’s 2017 New Play Festival this spring. Kyle serves as Co Editor-in-Chief of Quinnipiac University’s creative arts journal, Montage, and he will be graduating from Physician Assistant school in 2019.
Kyle Liang

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