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This Is Paris

written by: Barbara Deraoui



This is Paris


Is more than a city

It is a feeling

It's a place one goes to feel magic

A place that touches one's heart and never leaves

A place to go and touch history

and a place to marvel at all that is there

A place that dances like a gentle muse

Whether one fancies monuments like the Eiffel Tower or just a quiet walk down a street

It is all special and sublime

But perhaps the most special thing is to be there when it rains

To watch the people moving to and fro while the rain gently washes the city while sipping a cup of coffee in a local cafe


This is Paris

Barbara Deraoui

Barbara Deraoui

Barbara Deraoui (Maxwell) is a former career librarian and executive. She worked in some of the top libraries and media for over twenty-eight years. She also previously worked in the tech and science tech sectors and also managed a former NFL player. She has been writing poetry for most of her life. Her first book: Butterflies and fanciful thoughts was published 10 years ago. She is currently working on a memoir of a special time in her life. She currently lives with her husband in Marrakech along with their cat, Max.
Barbara Deraoui

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