This is Where, a poem by Julian Mann at
Zoltan Tas

This is Where

This is Where

written by: Julian Mann


This is where
I wished I was,
I listen to High Violet.

Passing a scene of rural innocence
Where time di’n’t dwell,
But was down among the at long last
Wet leaves.
C’était un peu comme 1612.

Children, on horses,
One smiling
Back, on the saddle turn:
I stopped further down, still to
Hear their voices,

The horses alone.

The Chilterns,
Like a load of Silburys –
Don’t move!
I want to write you.

But I walked over a rainy plank
And got myself torn
In a chemical wood.

Time was on the stream bed.
Waters, shallow, gallop
After caught boughs.

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