This is who I am written by Rakind Kaur at

This Is Who I Am

This is who I am

written by: Rakind Kaur



Bury me as deep as you can,
I’ll just come back as a tree,
cut me down
make a bonfire,
I’ll be a phoenix
rising from the ashes,
Shoot me down
as I fly,
I’ll swallow all your arrows,
steal all my hope
do try,
nothing will make me happier,
I can not be murdered
trust me,
I’m a soul fuelled
by your sorrow,
for a while
I did worry,
I’d drown in your tears,
then they fell in my cup
it overflowed
spilling love everywhere,
it’s like the king
who got his wish,
everything he touched
became gold,
only I wished for merriment
so that is what overflows.

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