This Ship Will Go On... by Nishand Venugopal at

This Ship Will Go On…

This Ship Will Go On…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



The ship has left the shore,
In search of unchartered land that lies somewhere before,
With courage and hope as friends in need,
Faith on them shouldn’t fail indeed,
Following a flock is an easy task,
You just have to do what said without anything to ask,
It’s a struggle indeed once you know your path,
I am just a traveller who is following his heart,
The ways may have ups and downs,
Keep the spirits high and stay away from frowns,
Focus on deeds rather than what you need,
There is enough to suffice unless you have greed,
Storms of despair may rock the ship,
Things seem to end in a flip,
What comes in the course is a mystery to fill,
Nature will test the strength of my will,
The duty that’s in front of me is what I have to work upon,
Unflinching, unperturbed stick to my vision & move on,
Steering the ship straight ahead,
As this journey is only for those who want to cross what they dread.

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