This skimming light by Hanno Cramer at

This skimming light

This skimming light

written by: Hanno Cramer



I went for a walk in the late afternoon
low sunbeams loved the far horizon
a touch of rain was left
and every touch a marker
of recent written history

I passed the graveyard as I often do
here where a touch of man lies left
and every touch a marker
of recent written history

this stone marked 1883
when you were born in Groningen
and 1947 left in Amersfoort
seen centuries
two wars and many more

a touch once slowly carved in stone
I almost hear the knocking hammer yet
bells calling out your hidden name

a distant call vague after many years
yet a newly written history
in face of time
here in the skimming light
of this late afternoon



Picture (C) Carel Cramer

Hanno Cramer

Hanno Cramer

As Dutch as can be; early retired coach, proud husband, father of five and granddad of four, love to walk a few paths with others, write with passion, try to look every day with more compassion.
I write mostly haiku, triggered by its limitations. Also write poems, often commenting pictures, and always amazed by the merging effect of text and vision.
Writing in English is a challenge.
Hanno Cramer

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