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Those Days

written by: Nicole Jia


I miss the days
where I’d laugh and giggle
at silly things;
rather than cry alone at night,
burying my face in a pillow
to mask the sounds of my defeat.

I miss the days
when cuts and scars
were the result of
having too much fun,
not the noxious edges
of a metal blade
glided across my skin.

I miss the days
when I was happy
and ate with gratification,
when I possibly ate
more than my own father.
Now my mother pleads and tells me
with worry in her eyes
that I’m eating less than a newborn.

I miss those days
when I had hopes and dreams,
when I was the most victorious
and determined young girl,
when I believed in myself,
and felt excitement.

Now these days
I often lay in a cold sweat
trying to remember how happiness felt,
wondering when life took such a tragic fall,
wondering when my purpose became
to simply die.

Nicole Jia

Nicole Jia

A teenager who expresses her thoughts and feelings through writing.
Nicole Jia

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