Thoughts And Prayers written by Eli Garcia at

Thoughts And Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

written by: Eli Garcia


We’d like to offer our thoughts and our prayers
to all you victims
of inaction.

We’ll think and we’ll pray
all night and all day
as we plan to stay
your reaction.

Our heart and our faith
are with you today
with empty words
to show it.

I’m sure this is the end
of this terrible trend
it won’t happen again
I just know it.

So don’t act in haste
it’s better to wait
take your response
and slow it.

Eli Garcia

Eli Garcia

I live reluctantly in Southern California where I alternately celebrate and dread the slow but constant change that becomes so much more pronounced in my life the older I get. My family includes my wife, who is my light and my storm, and my new daughter, who continues to surprise me daily with both her existence and her ability to stretch my capacity for love, and for terror, into previously unimagined territory. I occasionally garden, which I’ve learned to treat as a study in controlled chaos, only without the control. So, my life, like most, is generally full of hopes and dreams, successes and failures, aspirations, trial and error, peeves, inspiration, ignoring of mortality, doing stuff, not doing stuff, and occasionally standing in the backyard gobbling radish pods off the bush with my very excited toddler. A pebble on a beach with billions of other pebbles. Sometimes I write.
Eli Garcia

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