Three Years Today, a poem by Susan Quinn at
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Three Years Today

Three Years Today

written by: Susan Quinn


Three years ago today,
You were taken away.
We knew it was coming and we prepared as best we could
But it was still a shock when the time came.
Even though we knew it would.

The time since you were taken
Has not been kind to us,
Circumstances beyond our control
Left us alone and homeless.
Eighteen months we lived in our car,
Working diligently on a way out of our situation,
Staying positive was key and every night wishing on a star.

We have angels who appeared in human form,
Who have come to our rescue many times during our storm.
Family and friends have quickly disappeared,
And left us all alone with our fears.
Your offspring, you would be so proud,
He’s grown and matured and has a steady job.
He has a girl who has a girl,
And he’s loving and tender,
It’s the real deal and not just a whirl.
We were blessed with another angel in January,
And now have a roof over our heads,
You would be pleased to know we are near the water’s edge.
We are building a new life,
But we still miss you so much,
The absence of your laugh, the softness of your touch.
But we are surviving and learning to move along,
Doing the best we can to honor your life,
We will live each day to the fullest,
And make you proud despite our strife.
I love you, my husband and always will,
Many days have been hard, and nothing stops the tears that spill.
But we have each other and our memories of you,
My love will never die, it will always be true.

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